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Publisher of the History of Micronesia series of books

♦  Present full-time occupation: researching, compiling, translating, and publishing the series of volumes entitled: History of Micronesia: A Collection of Source Documents.
♦  Until 1991, doing management consulting work in Africa for various United Nations agencies.
♦  Previous experience as a researcher and writer was in such technical subjects as computers, organization and methods, systems and procedures, statistics, railway and road engineering, trilingual management dictionaries, etc.
♦  Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and a few others in a limited fashion; languages read: the above, plus Latin, Italian, some German.

1979 Diploma in International Cooperation, University of Ottawa.
1974 M.B.A., University of Ottawa.
1967 B. Eng. (Electrical), McGill University, Montreal.
1961 Senior Matriculation, Nova Scotia.
1957 Diploma in classical studies (Rhétorique), including Latin and Greek, Laval University, Québec.

1990 Somalia, Privatization of Industrial State Enterprises - a UNIDO project.
1988 & 1990 Togo, Organization of the Ministry of Planning - a UNDP project.
1988 - 89 Sao Tome y Principe, Privatization of State Enterprises - a UNIDO project.
1986 - 87 Ghana, Organization of the Ministry of Roads and Highways - a UNDP project.
1983 - 84 Central African Republic, Community Development - a UNDP project.
1979 - 81 Zaire, Public Service Reform - a UNDP project.
1975 - 78 In Peru and other countries in Latin America: various international development projects and assignments, mostly for the Canadian International Development Agency.

1958 - 1975 A total of 17 years in the Canadian Armed Forces in various positions and capacities, from avionics technician to telecommunications engineer, and management consultant. Other (superimposed) experience included teaching business administration courses at the college level, writing articles and books in management (French-English-Spanish), and in history.

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